Melissa Pogo

I designed a captivating logo and comprehensive corporate identity for Melissa Pogo‘s brand, showcasing her vibrant personality and professionalism.

  • Client Melissa Pogo
  • Date 2020
  • Services Corporate Identity
  • Équipe impliquée Melissa Ponce

For my esteemed client, Melissa Pogo, I had the incredible opportunity to design a captivating logo and develop a comprehensive corporate identity for her brand. From the outset, Melissa’s vision and passion for her brand were evident, and it became my mission to translate her essence into a visual representation that would resonate with her target audience.

The logo design process began with an in-depth consultation, during which I delved into Melissa’s brand values, her target market, and her unique selling points. This allowed me to gain a deep understanding of her brand’s personality and helped shape the direction of the design.

To ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints, I extended the logo design to a complete corporate identity system. This included developing a set of brand guidelines that outlined proper logo usage, typography choices, color specifications, and other visual elements. These guidelines serve as a blueprint for maintaining a cohesive brand image across various marketing materials and platforms.

Working closely with Melissa Pogo, I had the privilege of creating a compelling logo and comprehensive corporate identity for her brand. The result is a cohesive visual identity system that embodies Melissa’s brand values, attracts her target audience, and establishes a strong foundation for her business’s future success.