What I Do

Communications & Marketing

As a communications and marketing professional, I develop and implement effective strategies to promote brands, products, and services. I excel at creating compelling messages and engaging target audiences through various channels.

Audiovisual & Graphic Design

Passionate about audiovisual and graphic design, I bring ideas to life through visually stunning creations. From conceptualization to final production, I combine my expertise in design principles and multimedia tools to deliver impactful visual experiences.

Web Design & eCommerce

Specializing in web design and eCommerce, I create modern, user-friendly websites that optimize user experience and drive online business growth. I leverage my skills in interface design and conversion optimization to create engaging and successful eCommerce platforms.

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José García A.

Digital Media Specialist

I am available for freelance work. Connect with me via email or call to talk further about your projects.

Phone: +1 438 867 2133 Email: rawzef@gmail.com